Budgeting For Full-Time RV Travel


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Presented by: Sean & Julie Chickery – Chickery’s Travels

Establishing a realistic budget will help get you off to the right start on your full-time RV journey.

In this workshop, we will discuss ALL the expenses that should be considered in your RV travel budget – not just campgrounds and gas. We’ll also help you develop a plan to achieve your personal financial goals based on the RV travel lifestyle you want. At the conclusion of the workshop, you will be able to determine a realistic full-time RV budget that you can stick to.

All participants will receive a workbook and access to budget worksheets in both Microsoft Excel and PDF formats. We will also have a bonus debt reduction module at the end of the workshop for any participants that would like to embark on a path towards debt freedom. We’ll share the tips we used to become debt free in just two years while living and traveling full-time in our RV.

Cost to attend – $45/person
Friday, October 23;  1-5pm

Space is limited to 40 people. Registration here on the website instead of at the event is advised. We may add an identical session on Monday if enough folks are interested.