Full-Time RVing Fears and Myths Debunked


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Presented by: Levi & Natalie Henley – Henley’s Happy Trails

Marie Curie wrote, “Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.”

Anyone who has ever contemplated full-time RVing has played the question game. How am I going to fund my travels? What if something breaks down? What if I end up stranded somewhere? What if I get really sick? How do I know if where I’m staying is safe? Will I make friends on the road or am I forcing myself into a hermit lifestyle? What if my spouse and I can’t stand being in close quarters? Can I do this with pets? What about tornadoes and other extreme weather while traveling? The list goes on.

In this 4-hour interactive seminar, including a question and answer session, Natalie and Levi will take you through a number of possible fears and misconceptions that cross the minds of many Dreamers and current full-time RVers. They will walk you through solving a number of worrisome scenarios to the point where you can confidently take on any situation as it comes.

Participants will receive handouts of the presentation outline including (a) our crisis management form which details the method we like to use to calmly get us through issues when they happen and (b) a comprehensive list of sources to turn to in time of need and clarification. Our aim is to present tools that will ultimately allow you to turn a fear you want to run from into a problem that you can solve.

Cost to attend – $45/person
Friday, October 23;  1-5pm

Space is limited to 40 people. Registration here on the website instead of at the event is advised. We may add an identical session on Monday if enough folks are interested.