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$75/person or $125/couple


Presented by: Liz Wilcox – Author & RV Lifestyle Blogger

Your RV is a huge financial investment. And RVing is a constant learning curve where the questions never end. Come spend the morning with Liz as she teaches you how to jumpstart your knowledge on this lifestyle and give you hands-on training. We’ll cover basics like how to choose the right RV, what to expect out on the road, and how to avoid common travel mistakes. On top of all that, she’ll go a little deeper by giving you hands-on training with RV systems, teaching you how to set up your camp, and some RV hacks to make life around the RV park much easier. And of course, since this workshop is a little long, she’ll have as much fun and food as possible.

Cost to attend – $75/person or $125/couple
Date – October 25, 2019
Time – TBD