Multiply – Outsourcing For Your Business – and More!


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$75 per person / $115 for business partners or couples.


Whether you’re growing a business that has staff around the world, or simply want to make sure that you spend as much time enjoying your travels as possible, this seminar is for you!

Join Jill as she discusses the many ways she’s been able to minimize the number of hours she works while maximizing the output for her clients. Jill has a staff around the world covering 24 hours a day in a website maintenance business, numbering over 200 sites managed. She went from working 15 hours/ day to 15 per week.

You’ll learn:

  • An understanding of the role outsourcers can fill in your business or even in how you support others or manage your personal life.
  • Ability to hire freelancers over and over again – without using more of your own time.
  • Distinguish what to delegate and what to do yourself, using a proven process and the tools to make this happen on repeat.
  • What to look for in candidates for any specific task, short- or long-term job.
  • The websites and resources you can use to find talented people to work in your own business or help you out with personal tasks, enabling you to spend more time exploring and less time working.
  • The same processes and tools that she uses in this business have been used by consulting clients in dozens of different industries to accelerate their growth, decrease the amount of hours they are working and increase their income and productivity.

Hot Seats:

* If you already have a business, be prepared to take the hot seat and discuss your current obstacles, challenges, and even your own best practices.

* If you are in the consideration phase of creating a mobile business idea, formulate a few questions in advance or simply take some of Jill’s time to talk through the possibilities for your business. You’ll be amazed at the actionable advice you receive in this format.

Clients pay thousands of dollars to sit with Jill for a day, you get to take advantage of having her here with us. So ask her anything!

Your workshop fee includes:

  • A dynamic discussion of resources available, with exclusive discounts to many, and hands on exploration, so bring a laptop or tablet to get online.
  • Access to the templates, forms and documents Jill uses in her own business.
  • Hot seat slots to hash over actionable advice on your situation. Sign up in advance to get your chance.
  • The opportunity to get your own consultation after the event for a greatly reduced rate.

One lucky attendee will receive a half-day consultation ($1500 value) at a mutually agreed upon time within 6 months of the event, virtually or in person.

So if you are excited to have a growth plan for your business that supports your clients and customers while also supporting your travels, join Jill for this half-day seminar. 

Cost to Attend – $75 per person / $115 for business partners or couples.
Date – October 25, 2019
Time – 2:00pm – 5:00pm