Practical Guidance for Decluttering & Downsizing


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$20/person or $35/couple


Presented by: Ashley Mann

Many people wish they owned less stuff, but the task of downsizing and decluttering can feel overwhelming. This bonus day session will present solutions for some of the common mental obstacles to downsizing as well as practical advice for planning and tackling a major downsizing project, whether to live full-time in RV or simply to enjoy the next years of your life without being weighed down by things you no longer use or love. The session will include time for personal reflection and goal setting and is especially targeted for people who are committed to the goal of living a simpler lifestyle, but just need some guidance for getting started and making that dream a reality. One free copy per person of the workbook from the online course Inspired to Downsize is included for each attendee. (Because these workbooks will need to be ordered in advance, pre-registration is required.)

Cost to attend – $20/person or $35/couple
Date – October 24, 2019
Time – 1:00pm – 4:00pm