sponsorship info

sponsorship info

We value our sponsors' contributions to the Workamper Rendezvous and the Workamping community. All Sponsors will have their logo and link proudly displayed here on our site.

If you are interested in becoming a Rendezvous sponsor, we have multiple options available. Contact info@workamperevent.com - 800-446-5627 with any questions or help with registering.

T-Shirt Sponsorship: $50
  • Business name printed on back-side of attendee t-shirts
  • Listing on Sponsors page of Rendezvous website
  • Logo & contact information printed in the attendee binder
  • Promoted via our social media channels
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Workamper Rendezvous Details
This multi-day educational event is taking place in Heber Springs, Arkansas - home to Workamper News. This is the tenth year for this highly-praised event, and it will take place October 17-23. Seminars, networking, a job fair, and some fun - will have attendees leaving with their minds full and spirits soaring!

We are estimating 200 people in attendance! In the past it has been about a 40/60 mix of those already Workamping and those preparing to begin or researching the lifestyle (Dreamers).

As you can see, these options are limited to just a few special sponsors! Please contact us ASAP if you would like to stand out in the crowd and further your exposure to the RV community.

Promotional Items
Each attendee of Rendezvous receives a tote bag at check-in. This bag includes their personalized attendee binder and other goodies. That's where you come in!

You can provide a flyer or brochure that you have created - sharing information about your company/products/services or your Workamper program if you're an Employer.  What many sponsors have done in the past is send a promo item - like a Koozie, keychain flashlight, lip balm, hand sanitizer, coaster, etc. - that had their company name (or more) on it. Your company name will move around with them for years to come as they utilize your fun item!

You will need to send us what you want to include in the tote bag to represent your company no later than October 1st.

Event T-Shirt
Each attendee of Rendezvous receives a cotton t-shirt with a graphic on the front and the back. Each year the design is different. We typically do a gray-colored shirt with black print - as you can't really go wrong with gray. We still see folks wearing their shirts years later as we encounter them around the country!

More Details: Employer Presenter
Typically, HR personnel or former/current Workampers attend in person to represent an Employer.

You will be provided a space in the Community Center, in the upstairs landing. There are four seminar rooms in the Center - two up and two down. The two upstairs we combine for the kickoff and other activities where all attendees will be together. Attendees walk through the upstairs landing when coming and going to the upstairs seminar rooms, so it will be high-traffic. Local folks from the community will also be in the facility as it remains open during our event.

We will provide a table so you can set out any materials. If you have a stand-up display, feel free to bring that too. There are many chairs/couches around so it would be easy to hop over into a corner to do an interview.

You’re welcome to speak with folks during lunch times/dinner times and whenever seminars aren’t going on. Please stay at least 2 days. You can set your table up any time Tuesday morning - Thursday.

We will also provide time for you to give a presentation in front of attendees.  Your main presentation will be all about your operation & opportunities (about 30 minutes). We also do a Q&A with Employers and would love to have you volunteer for that as well.

More Details: Job Fair
Our small job fair takes place on Friday morning, from 8am to 12pm. We open up the two conference rooms on the first floor of the Community Center.  Employers will be provided a table and chairs. We can likely get electricity to your table too if you need it for your display.

Note - we don't have a large crowd at Rendezvous, but the audience you will interact with is exactly the market you want to talk to - unlike at RV industry shows.

More Details: Prize Sponsor
During our event, attendees earn play-money to use in our game and auction. We have a great prize vault for our attendees, and we would love to have your product included!

There is no fee associated with this type of sponsorship. Your cost is sending at least a quantity of 1 of your product (preferably an item that RVers can use/enjoy) to us by October 1.  The value of your product(s) for the prize vault needs to be $50 or more.